Lingnan e-commerce cross-border logistics adds new routes


News (Reporter Li Xiuzheng) The reporter recently learned from Lingnan E-commerce Industrial Park that on January 30, the cross-border e-commerce logistics project of Lingnan E-commerce Industrial Park in Perth, Australia, was successfully tested under the guidance of China Southern Airlines and customs clearance companies. success.
According to reports, under the leadership of Ou Nanxiong, chairman of Lingnan Internet Business Park, Lingnan cross-border e-commerce logistics has opened overseas routes such as Los Angeles in the United States, Sydney in Australia, Perth, Auckland in New Zealand, and Tokyo in Japan. This week, Vancouver, Canada, Melbourne, Australia line test is also about to start. In addition, Hong Kong, Macau, Frankfurt, Germany, London, the Netherlands, Amsterdam and other routes are also stepping up preparations. Can provide customers with overseas warehouse packaging, international air transport agents, domestic customs clearance, domestic landing distribution of the whole process of services and logistics solutions. The plan of the industrial park in 2015 will also implement the integration of overseas high-quality goods to provide businesses with first-hand overseas resource channels.
Lingnan e-commerce cross-border logistics, relying on China Southern Aviation Hub, lays out overseas upstream and downstream supply chain resources to create a professional cross-border integrated supply chain solution integrating commodity supply, logistics transportation and information sharing for e-commerce enterprises, especially those in the park. Ou Nanxiong said that Lingnan e-commerce cross-border logistics has great advantages over other peers: early filing, fast declaration, flexible operation, centralized delivery, prompt delivery, prompt delivery, tax collection according to the postal tax rate, and sunshine customs clearance is guaranteed. In this way, Lingnan e-commerce cross-border logistics can realize the whole process of information tracking from the beginning of placing an order, and the package can be delivered within 7 days, thus truly experiencing "buying around the earth and delivering the goods with one click".

Latest Developments


China's fastener industry will usher in the green era

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Environmental Protection", stating that various environmental protection projects will be fully implemented in the next five years, and the environmental protection investment demand of the whole society is about 3.4 trillion yuan. The plan has detailed and clear requirements for the discharge of pollutants such as air, water, and soil, which will bring a severe test to the high-polluting industrial manufacturing industry. China's fastener industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and the problems of waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by its scattered layout are becoming increasingly prominent. If these problems are not solved well, it will affect the sustainable and healthy development of the whole industry. The environmental hidden danger has gradually made the development road of the industry more and more narrow. If the development mode is not changed and the industrial structure is adjusted, the fastener industry will come to an end.


Logistics system integration and automation: market confidence needs to be restored, the industry needs to be transformed and upgraded.

From the macro level, the global economic recovery is weaker than expected, trade volume and manufacturing output are declining, and local conflicts continue to occur; China is facing a complex and changeable international situation in the game of great powers, and is also undergoing economic structural upgrading and shifting. The expected retaliatory consumption and rebound growth did not appear. At present, the overall growth rate of China's logistics industry is slowing down and the adjustment is accelerating. After the baptism of the epidemic, enterprises for large-scale fixed asset investment began to become more cautious, which directly led to the logistics equipment market demand downturn.


Common warehouse shelves

Three-dimensional shelf The storage mode of the warehouse has developed from the plane storage to the high-level three-dimensional storage, and the shelf has become the main body of the three-dimensional warehouse. A variety of automated and mechanized warehouses composed of different forms of shelves that meet different functional requirements have become an important link in the storage system and even the entire logistics system or production process. Pallet Rack Pallet racks are used to store unitary pallet goods, with lane-type stackers and other storage and transportation machinery for operation. High-rise shelves mostly adopt integral structure, which is generally connected by steel welded shelves (with pallets) through horizontal and vertical tie rods and beams. General shelf This is a simple shelf that makes full use of space. Build an intermediate attic on existing shelves or workplaces to increase storage area. The attic floor can generally put light bubbles and small and medium-sized goods or goods with long storage period, and can be lifted by forklift, conveyor belt, hoist, electric hoist or lifting platform. The attic generally uses the light trolley or the pallet traction trolley operation.


Logistics Standardization Dynamics

01 National Standardization Work Conference Held in Beijing 02 National Standardization Management Committee Releases "Key Points of National Standardization Work in 2011" 03 National Logistics Standards Committee Held in Beijing in 2010 03 Dai Dingyi Attends Domestic Trade Standards Work Symposium 04 National Logistics Standards Committee to Carry out Committee Investigation


Storage Shelf Technical Description

1. Design basis standard ① Code for design of GB50017-2003 steel structures Technical specification for GB50018-2002 cold-formed thin-walled steel structures ③ Technical conditions for welded steel structure shelves in JB/T5323-91 warehouse ④ Code for structural loads of GB50009-2001 buildings ⑤. 5GB50011-2001 Code for Seismic Design of Buildings ⑥, 6CECS23:90 steel shelf structure design specifications ⑦. 7ZBJ83015-89 Design Specification for High-rise Shelf Warehouse