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Automated warehouse shelves

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Introduction to stereo library:

Three dimensional warehouse, high-rise shelf warehouse, automatic storage and retrieval system (as / RS). It generally uses several layers, more than ten layers or even dozens of layers of shelves, and uses automatic material handling equipment to carry out goods out of warehouse and in warehouse operation.

Three dimensional warehouse generally consists of high-rise shelves, material handling equipment, control and management equipment and civil utilities.

Automated warehouse is the crystallization of modern logistics industry high-tech, set mechanical, electrical, software, communication, information in one, need a number of professional cooperation to complete. Based on strong technical force and product development ability, Shunli has accumulated 12 years of experience in design, production and installation. The factory has intelligent management and advanced automatic production and manufacturing equipment, which escort the production and manufacturing of high-precision logistics and storage equipment. The company's self-developed high-performance stacker has the highest horizontal walking speed of 400 m / min, reaching the leading level in Asia. And with the world's first-class drive, electrical control (sew, Demag, Bauer, Siemens, Leuze, sick, Omron) brand business up to the growth period of cooperation, and strive to provide customers with the most stable system and equipment.

Automated warehouse is connected by many sets of different mechanical equipment, which can achieve intelligent effect in the control of electrical and software. Including roller line, chain line, hoist, stacker, vertical warehouse shelf, transfer machine, RGV, etc. Shunli's R & D personnel can tailor the automated three-dimensional warehouse system to meet the company's requirements for customers, including the R & D and production of equipment, the development and design of system management software, the installation and adjustment mode from planning to design to production, and provide perfect turnkey engineering services.

Advantages and functions of Haili stereo library:


1. High level shelf storage, save inventory area, improve space utilization. At present, the height of the highest three-dimensional warehouse in the world has reached 50m, and the storage capacity per unit area can reach 7.5t/m?, which is 5-6 times of that of ordinary warehouse.

2. Automatic access, fast operation and processing speed, at the same time, it can be easily incorporated into the enterprise's material system.

3. Computer control, easy to count and inventory, reasonable to reduce inventory.


1. Receiving goods. The warehouse receives all kinds of materials, semi-finished products or finished products from suppliers or workshops for production or assembly.

2. Inventory. Store the unloaded goods in the position specified by the automation system.

3. Pick up the goods. According to the demand, get the goods from the warehouse. It usually adopts FIFO mode.

4. Delivery. The goods will be sent to customers according to strict requirements.

5. Information inquiry. Can query warehouse information at any time, including inventory information, operation information and other information.

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