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GUANGDONG HAILI STORAGE EQUIPMENT CO .,LTD is currently dedicated to the development of modern logistics technology, design, production, sales, installation and service of large-scale storage shelves as one of professional manufacturers. The company has more than 20 of the advanced special shelves with red rolling production lines, research and strong technical force. Adjustable steel shelf products have been the first to the formation of corporate standards and the technical quality supervision departments for the record. Company in 2004 received ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Logistics company with Beijing University of Science and Technology Institute of Design and shelf storage design mechanics analysis of computing systems - finite element analysis software on the shelf system, strength, stiffness and stability analysis, calculation. Logistics technology company is the logistics industry in Guangdong Province Association and the Professional Committee of the governing unit of cold chain logistics. As the industry benchmark for enterprise, I am the Secretary or the logistics industry, national standards and industry standards are prepared in unit.
Company since its founding in since 1998, construction three-dimensional storehouse and in industries have manza do many large successful cases (such as shell, ABB, PHILIPS, budweiser, bele shoe, TOSHIBA, DHL, China merchants logistics, byd group, FEDEX, TCL, Pepsi cola, HONDA and TOYOTA, samsung electronics, Adidas, BASF, foxconn, baiyun airport, golden arowana, Lufthansa's aviation, south car era, 999 pharmaceutical company, mentholatum pharmaceutical, Nippon paint, the nl fisheries, sea overlord food, food, tingyi, really dajiale kung fu, Chinese grain, China telecom, shaoguan tobacco project). The company has experienced design, sales, installation team and the perfect user training plan, the company always adheres to the "strictly standards, safe and reliable, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction," the quality policy, quality and service to make optimal "HaiLi" brand

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